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As the end-users’ expectations and demands continuously grow, the release of a new product without thorough testing phase can bring more risks  now than ever before. LSSR Global offers full-cycle functional testing services to ensure that your software behaves as it was intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.

Functional Testing

  • GUI and UI/UX testing

  • End-to-end functional testing

  • Compatibility testing

  • Exploratory testing, ad hoc testing

  • Data migration testing

  • Localization and internationalization testing

  • User acceptance testing

Security Testing

  • Load testing

  • Stress testing

  • Scalability testing

  • Stability testing

Automatic Testing

  • Web, mobile and desktop applications

  • Applications developed from scratch

  • Platform-based applications based on SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, etc.)

  • Transaction-oriented applications and BI and data analytics solutions

  • Applications with strict security requirements (HIPAA compliance, PCI DSS)

  • Applications requiring high-level integration to other applications (CRM, ERP, SCM, BPM, etc.

Security Testing

  • Network services test

  • Web application security test

  • Client-side security test

  • Remote access security test

  • Social engineering test

  • Physical security test

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