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We provide a range of consulting services to help our customers capitalize on the growth in Cloud Computing and cloud computing management. Our first hand experience of building and running a successful cloud infrastructure puts us in a unique position – as business technologists, we can enable you to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business.




Cloud Consultancy services can enable you to sleep up the cloud learning curve and immediately access the business-differentiating potential of the fully integrated and secure cloud. Our consultants can enable you to choose between private, hybrid or community clouds with confidence in the integration skills of your partners. By utilizing our Cloud Professional Services, clients can leverage a full set of infrastructure, platform and software services without the complexity of cloud multi-sourcing. Our skills cover the building of secure networks, managing complex application and database platforms and delivering wrap-around managed services, alongside our advisory and professional services.


  • Accelerate your own public/private/hybrid cloud strategy

  • Complete skillset across security, connectivity, virtualization and application

  • Perimeter and beyond enterprise integration methodologies

LSSR Global combines a management consulting mind-set with a wealth of IT strategy experience to provide fresh perspective and insight to help you answer the tough questions and to map the journey ahead.  For many of our customers, they will need to maintain some or most of their legacy systems while they migrate capabilities to the cloud. This hybrid model will be the most common operating model for IT organizations over the next several years. LSSR Global assessment provides the IT organization the information it needs to lay out a logical, supportable road map as well as support for both legacy systems and SaaS applications.

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