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 Rapidly growing organizations or enterprises that want to migrate from legacy systems to Oracle proven ERP systems can avail AMVS Global expertise to implement or rollout ERP across businesses and geographies. We deliver the following services as part of our implementation / rollout services:


  • Pre-Implementation Assessment

  • Core Implementation

  • Re-Implementations, Consolidations

  • Third party product integration, Mobile solutions, RFID

  • Global Roll-outs

LSSR Global offers exhaustive upgrade and migration services to help clients upgrade from lower versions of Oracle E-Business Suite to the latest versions or platform migrations. The services offered include:

  • Pre-Upgrade Assessments

  • Version Upgrades (e.g. 10.7, 11.0.3, 11.5.x to R12)

  • Platform Migrations (e.g. Solaris to Red Hat Linux)

  • Applications / ERP Migrations (e.g. SAP / PeopleSoft / Legacy to Oracle)

  • Customizations Assessment

  • Business Process Improvement



In a typical EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) implementation, testing consumes approximately 20 percent of the total implementation time and involves writing test scenarios and testing them with hundreds of transactions. In addition, most of the testing requires high level of skill in terms of understanding the business requirement and understanding the EBS landscape. Such skilled resources are also vital for creating product solutions that will help organizations meet the needs of a changing business environment. Diverting such skilled resources to a testing function for extended periods creates a vacuum in managing the business. This results in insufficient and inefficient test coverage, which in turn, results in an EBS implementation that does not deliver the desired business value.

LSSR Global has the Oracle testing expertise to meet the client requirements

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