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Businesses globally are demanding digital and mobile enablement to streamline and automate their processes to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. Pega’s solutions enable organizations to deliver the full potential of BPM – from strategy to execution-to streamline operations, increase operational efficiencies and enable true business acceleration and growth. LSSR Global consultants provides expertise for your delivery team in the architecture,implementation, configuration and administration of Pega. We can provide experienced Senior Business Architects, Lead & Senior Architects and Consulting Principal’s as you seek to drive governance, quality and the extendibility of the Pega tool set across your enterprise.

Our team compliments the skill-sets and capabilities of our clients who require specific support on their automation journey. We enable our clients through traditional coaching and technical domain expertise to realize the full value of the PEGA platform. LSSR Global helps our clients in form of advisory and consulting services backed up by robust implementation experience.  Our key services include:

  • Technical Gap Analysis / Requirements Capture, Scoping : Building a business case for PEGA platform resolving implementation and ongoing costs.

  • Proof of Concept: Setup a Pega ’test-drive’ installation to demonstrate how PEGA functionality would handle a sample process and workflow that client is seeking.

  • Pega Configuration: Implementation of Pega tool including system build, testing and implementation plus mechanisms to drive continuous real-time feedback to the business

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